Jumat, 28 Desember 2012

Sing Out to God

Hillsong United

C#m                                        B
You inhabit the Praises of Your people
C#m                                          B
You delight in the Glory of Your Son
C#m                                         B
In the love of the Father We will worship
C#m                                               B
In the kingdom of God We find our home

A2                            C#m      B
The wonder Of Your love Will break the Chains that bind us
A2                           C#m   B
The power Of Your touch Releases us To worship

E                                            C#m
Sing out to God Sing hallelujah, With all we are We will worship You
B                              A2                   E
Holy is Your Name, Holy is Your Name Oh God

C#m                                           B
Together we will lift The name of Jesus
C#m                                         B
Together we sing Of Your great love
C#m                                                B
We will join with the Angels to praise You
C#m                                              B
May our voices Be pleasing to You God

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